Category: Reading

  • Go Fish For Blends and Digraphs

    Played like Go Fish, this learning game is used to review and practise blends. When the first student asks if another student has the “brrrrrr” blend, (or “ssssssk” blend) and the second student says yes, the first student, must use the word they have, like “brown” in a sentence to get the card. (If the first student says “My dog is brown” that would allow him to get the “br” card from the second student.) View Full Lesson →

  • Acting Out Verbs

    Objective: Students identify “action” verbs in their reading. Students think of “active” creative movements for each one. Students get “active” and act out the verbs they find, helping them to remember that a verb is … View Full Lesson →

  • Alphabet Practise

    Alphabet Letters in a Can

    Objectives: Daily practise reading the alphabet. Learning the sounds of the letters by matching tactile object to alphabet card letter. Daily practise putting the letters of the alphabet in the correct order. ** Teacher visits … View Full Lesson →